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If you’re like so many other property owners, you put a great deal of time and energy, money and thought into your single biggest investment, your home. Better than anyone else, you know that there’s more to do before your home reaches its full potential, yet slowly but surely, one weekend at a time—with no small amount of sweat and perhaps a little blood, but hopefully no tears—you are closing in on achieving your vision. Here’s the catch: Limited resources aren’t the only impediment to your progress. More than you may realize, pests are capable of undermining the quality and longevity of the home improvements you’ve labored to make. After all, pests aren’t merely a nuisance; many are destructive, sometimes devastatingly so. Want to protect your sweat equity and the integrity of your home, now and into the future? Keep reading to learn about several ways in which your home could be vulnerable to insects and rodents—and what you can do to stop these threats in their tracks. (article by Bob Vila, Home Improvement Expert)

Why Residential Pest Control Is Necessary!